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Common Side Effects of Using CPAP Machines and How to Manage Them

If you’re recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and new to using a CPAP machine, you’ll most likely experience an adjustment period. As with many treatments, you may have initial side effects. This is a normal experience and it’s important to not be discouraged as the health benefits far outweigh the side effects and most can easily be resolved. 

Today we’ll review the top three side effects of using CPAP machines and simple solutions to resolve them. 

Side Effect #1: Nasal Congestion or Dryness

Not only can nasal congestion or dryness in your nose and mouth be annoying, but can lead to long-term damage of your teeth and gums. 

A heated humidifier can help to resolve the dryness and congestion some CPAP users face and can make the overall experience much more comfortable overall. 

Side Effect #2: Skin Irritation

One of the most common side effects of CPAP therapy is developing some form of skin irritation. These can range from rashes to blemishes where the mask rests on your face. Users with sensitive skin are even more prone to this side effect.

Skin irritation typically indicates that you need a better fitting mask to go with your CPAP machine. Masks that are too lose allow excess air to leak while masks that are too tight, but pressure on your face. You can also consider using a mask liner to place a barrier between your mask and face. 

Side Effect #3: Cold, Flu or Respiratory Infections

Since viruses and bacteria thrive in a moist, warm environment, like your CPAP equipment 18% of CPAP users have an increased risk for getting a cold or fly than those who don’t use a CPAP machine. 

Keeping your CPAP equipment clean is the best way to eliminate this unfortunate side effect. An automated cleaning device like Sleep 8 that uses ozone which is known to kill CPAP germs in your mask, hose and reservoir. Maintaining a clean CPAP can also help lessen the side effects mentioned  previously. 

While CPAP therapy can be an adjustment at first, knowing how to resolve common side-effects and prioritizing a clean CPAP machine is essential to making the experience as comfortable as possible. Breathe easy and click to shop Sleep8 today!

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