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CPAP Machines are Amazing


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices, or “CPAP” machines, are undoubtedly a major contributor to a better life for those with nighttime breathing difficulties.  There is an unsupported idea which has been spread, that CPAP is only for people who are overweight, but that is not true.

Anyone can suffer from airway collapse, at any age.  Sleep apnea is a condition where the airway is too flexible or narrow, and closes in on itself, halting breathing for prolonged periods during sleep.  Our bodies cope with the diminished oxygen by partially awakening us, to draw a gasping noisy breath, perhaps forcing us to change positions so that we breathe more easily.

Snoring is one of the key indicators that breathing is not progressing normally during sleep.  Frequent waking, especially for those sleeping alone, could be an indicator, even though that person may have no memory of either snoring or “not breathing”.


CPAP machines, on the other hand, provide sufficient air pressure to keep the airways open, acting as if there were a physical splint in place, so that we can breathe perfectly normally.  When we have plentiful oxygen during sleep, it can be smooth, uninterrupted, and pleasant, allowing us to awake refreshed and ready to face the day.

With CPAP we avoid the constant, continuous disruptions to our sleeping patterns.   This means that we don’t go from light-sleep to light-sleep without ever reaching proper deep sleep or even REM sleep.


Without REM sleep we miss that part of our sleep cycle that allows us to rebuild and refresh our minds.  REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the dreaming state, which is where the brain sorts all the information it has acquired that day.  It uses dreams to integrate what it has leaned with what it already knows.

Dreams don’t always make sense, since we often fly, or visit surreal places that couldn’t possibly exist in reality, but that is the way our brains try to make sense of new data, by fitting it into existing information in new ways, to see what works.  About half of us dream in black and white imagery most of the time; others always see the dream world in full color.

However we actually see the dream world, its importance in our daily lives in manifold.  Without dreams we awake unrefreshed, still tired, and a danger to ourselves and others, when we (for example) drive a car.  Poor sleep contributes to chronic depression, poor heart health, the progress of cardiovascular disease, and arteriosclerosis, among many other things.


So there is no doubt that CPAP can actually improve our lives.  It has so many positive effects going for it that it is beyond reproach.  But it also requires us to significantly alter our wake-up routines.

Do you bounce out of bed, dress, scarf down a bowl of cereal, and head for the car?  Not any more, you don’t.

CPAP machines require daily maintenance according to their manufacturers, and while some can be very simple with just a few steps, others are complex with many steps.  Generally, to begin, you have to remove the fabric head gear since there is seldom a need to clean that on a daily basis. 

In a model that covers both nose and mouth, you must remove the elbow assembly, detaching the swivel that allows the air supply hose to move during the night.  You may have to remove the valve clip and separate the valve, then pull the spring frame away from the remainder of the mask.  There may be port-caps that need to be separated, too.  Lastly you peel the face cushion away from the frame. 

In a nose-only model, you still remove the headgear, but then remove the nose pillows, disconnect the air line, separate the air hose, remove all the gaskets, and other fittings.

In both instances you now must fill a small basin with water, add a bit of mild soap (without conditioners or other additives—antibacterial dish soap is ideal) and individually hand-wash each piece of the equipment.  This might include using a soft-bristled brush to make sure gaskets are clear, and small holes are unobstructed.

Some manufacturers suggest that you should let them soak in the basin for about 30 minutes.  It is important to make sure the hose is completely filled with the water/soap mixture.  After soaking, rinse each piece thoroughly with clean, fresh water (hang the hose so it can drain completely), lay the remaining pieces out of a towel to air dry, and now you can go to work or carry on with your day.

When you get home, or before bed, put it all back together.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?


While it is a good idea to clean your gear regularly with soap and warm water, that activity can be reserved for the weekend when it won’t seriously interfere with your schedule.  The secret to avoiding all of the weekly inconvenience is ozone!

The new Sleep 8 provides more ozone (also known as activated oxygen) than most other brands or similar devices for cleaning your CPAP machine.  It can create so much ozone thanks to it’s extra large coronal ozone generator. Coronal Ozone Generator


Ozone is known to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungus, and other pathogens that can live in the unavoidably moist conditions within your CPAP equipment.  Even with older machines that don’t have humidifiers (currently standard in new equipment), there are still moisture accumulations where these unhealthy critters and growths can hide.

Remember, you are breathing the air that has passed over whatever is living in there.  This is why the manufacturers call for daily cleaning.  Even if you miss spots one day, you’ll probably get them the next day, or the day after that.  Ultimately the danger is minimal if you engage in regular cleaning, but it is so troublesome to do so.

Have you got from 10 to 40 minutes every morning to manage the maintenance of your device?  Well, you had better make time if you want to breathe at night, and want to be healthy during the rest of the day.


The only really effective shortcut to all this daily maintenance is ozone.  Yes, there is Ultraviolet (UV) equipment available, which can be helpful, but it only cleans surfaces that it touches, and cannot pass through opaque materials.  This means that UV never truly gets everything clean.  And it does next to nothing for the hoses since it cannot penetrate to the insides…

Some people suggest using a dilute solution of vinegar instead of warm soapy water, creating an acidic environment that is toxic to many critters.  You have to remember that it does not even approach 100% effectiveness, and you’re still stuck with performing daily maintenance on your CPAP device.


Our product automates the whole process.  You simply bundle up your gear into the portable container, turn it on to run on an automatic cycle, and walk away.  When you return, ready for your next sleep, it is all ready to go.  It is safe and cleaned, automatically, all while you were out doing more important things in your daily life.

A dirty CPAP machine can be a danger to your health.  The difference between CPAP users and non-CPAP users is negligible in terms of respiratory infections, provided users engage in ordinary maintenance.  When you fail to perform maintenance, that is when the number changes!

The increase to the quality of life for CPAP users is well-documented in terms of mental acuity, daily performance, and general health.  Is it worth the extra effort?  Certainly, but when you can eliminate all that extra work for six days out of seven, it represents a much greater likelihood that people will continue to use their machines and garner the remarkable benefits.


You doctor or sleep clinician has clearly determined your need for a CPAP machine.  The fact that it takes a lot of effort to maintain is one of the key factors to why people stop using them, despite the risks to their health.

If you can make that process any easier, it is absolutely essential that you do so.  That CPAP machine will save your life by helping to avoid cardiovascular issues, clouded thoughts that lead to car accidents, and brain damage from lack of oxygen, along with a better mental outlook, and innumerable additional benefits.

You owe it to yourself to make this process as easy as possible so you can experience the greatest success. Your family and friends are counting on you to stick around for a long time to come.  Don’t disappoint them by getting frustrated with all the excessive effort of ordinary maintenance techniques.

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