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What CPAP Supplies and Accessories Do I Need?

Your CPAP machine will come with the basics — a mask, tubing and the machine itself. Most of the time, those are the only components you’ll need to use your CPAP machine. But there are many products and supplies available today that can improve your experience using the CPAP and make it more effective.

Some supplies and accessories are more necessary than others for a comfortable and effective experience. Others are designed for added convenience. Check out some of the products below to learn more about what kind of supplies you might need to get the most out of your CPAP.

Humidifier and distilled water

Most CPAP machines come with a humidifier, but some do not. Humidifiers are important components that bring warmth and moisture to the air you’re breathing in through the CPAP. They’re crucial to avoiding dry mouth, congestion and other side effects of breathing cold, dry air. If your CPAP did not come with a humidifier, you can purchase one separately.

Humidifiers require the use of distilled water to avoid buildup and keep them running smoothly. Tap water contains elements like iron and calcium, which can get left behind and damage your equipment over time. Distilled water is processed by boiling and evaporating into steam. Then it’s captured and cooled to become water again, removing  contaminants and making it safe to use in a CPAP humidifier. You can purchase distilled water by the gallon or bottle at most grocery stores.

CPAP Maintenance Supplies

Most CPAP manufacturers recommend cleaning your mask and tubing after every use with warm, soapy water. Many people find this process time consuming. If you don’t have time to do a full wash every day, there are many products available to assist in maintenance in between.

CPAP mask wipes help remove germs, oils and bacteria that can build up if not cleaned properly. Even if you don’t apply skin care products at night, natural oils from your skin can still break down the soft silicon most masks are made of. Breathing warm, moist air through the CPAP mask every night also creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only do mold and bacteria create unpleasant odors, breathing them in can cause congestion or respiratory illness.

Another way to keep your mask well maintained and refreshed is with Sleep8. The travel-friendly device uses activated oxygen (ozone) to kill bacteria. It works by breaking up the microscopic bonds that hold the bacteria together, effectively eliminating it. With an automatic shutoff and an air-tight pouch, it’s a safe and powerful way to help keep your mask bacteria-free. Learn more about how Sleep8 works here.

CPAP Travel Accessories

Traveling with your CPAP is typically not a problem, especially if you know what you’ll need ahead of time. There are several travel accessories available for CPAPs that can make your vacation or work trip even easier.

If your CPAP machine doesn’t have a travel case, consider purchasing one. It keeps everything in its place, and it protects your machine from any damage that might occur. You don’t want your expensive medical equipment jostling around in your suitcase as it’s being tossed onto the luggage belt and under the plane.

Another travel accessory to consider is a power adapter. Sometimes your CPAP machine will require a DC or AC power adapter to work properly at your destination. It’s wise to call ahead and find out what the requirements will be before you leave for your trip. For power on the go, or just in case of emergency, you can also purchase a rechargeable battery for your CPAP machine. They can power your CPAP machine for up to 14 hours — enough to give you at least one full night’s sleep even when you don’t have AC power. (This product is particularly helpful if you live in a place that is prone to blackouts.)

It’s estimated that 22 million people in the U.S. live with moderate to severe sleep apnea. If you’re starting CPAP treatment, you’re not alone. If you’re struggling with your CPAP treatment, talk to your doctor about making adjustments. It often takes time to figure out what settings and equipment are right for you. There are many accessories and products, like the ones above, to help you get there.

If you are looking for more CPAP support or have questions about ozone technology, visit the Sleep8 blog.


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