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Ozone vs. Soap and Water

March 16, 2020

Cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP accessories can be just as important as using it. Dust, mold and many other harmful allergens or bacteria can fester and grow in items left alone and uncleaned. Whether you…

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How Sleep8 can Save Precious Time

March 9, 2020

Many of us see our loved ones suffering from Sleep Apnea every day and in some cases, many of us are victims ourselves. We know the struggles this condition causes and how one’s health begins…

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Do Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

March 3, 2020

Mold exposure is extremely dangerous and CPAP users may be more at risk to it. Mold grows in warm, humid environment and many CPAP devices provide such an environment with ease. Microscopic spores can settle…

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Unpacking your Sleep8

March 1, 2020

Let’s unpack your new Sleep8 together. Your Sleep8 comes with the device, the bag and the charger.  Sleep8 exists to give CPAP users a simple way to clean their entire CPAP, even on-the-go, for a restful,…

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Sleep Best Practices

Types of Sleep Disorders

February 25, 2020

Around 70 million Americans experience some type of sleep disorder — over one-fifth of the population! There are a variety of different sleep conditions that plague people with harmful side effects of sleep deprivation such…

Essential oils that help with sleep
Sleep Best Practices

Essential Oils and Sleep

February 7, 2020

Did you know that essential oils can improve the quality of your sleep? You may automatically think of aromatherapy when hearing the words “essential oils”. If you google “essential oils” you will find that “aromatherapy”…

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