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Sleep8 Subscribe and SAVE

Did you know that your Sleep8 Filter Bag should be changed out every 90 days for optimal results? The Filter Bag contains a carbon filter that is used to convert the powerful ozone cleaning agent back into breathable oxygen before re-entering your environment. Read on to learn how you can save up to 30% on your filter bags by enrolling in a subscription or click here if you’re already ready to sign up.

Some background on ozone

Ozone, the powerful gas that Sleep8 uses to support your CPAP accessories, is made up of three oxygen atoms, bonded together. In contrast, the oxygen that is present in the air you breathe is made up of two oxygen atoms. One extra oxygen atom may seem small, but from a chemistry standpoint, it makes a huge difference.

How does the carbon filter work?

The filter bag is an indispensable part of your Sleep8 kit. Not only does it act as the cleaning chamber and safety auto shutoff regulator, but it also makes sure that ozone does not escape into your environment. This is where the charcoal filter comes in. Obviously, the gas inside of the bag must go somewhere, and with the filter, we can ensure that you are only breathing in clean fresh air.

The charcoal in the filter is able to naturally react with the oxygen molecules that make up ozone. Because ozone is naturally ready to give up an oxygen atom, the reaction with the charcoal filter can happen without any additional energy or chemicals required. All the ozone has to do is pass through the filter, and with no other way to escape from the bag you know it is working.

So why do I have to replace the bag?

As the filter reacts with oxygen it holds onto those oxygen atoms and doesn’t let go. Over time there is less and less carbon available to grab onto an oxygen atom, and eventually it will not be able to react anymore. After much testing, our talented product designers were able to determine that the filter should be changed every 90 days for best results.

How do I know when it’s time to replace the bag?

The bag itself does not have a timer or any electronics to tell you when it is time to change the bag. Because it is disposable, we wanted to make sure that the bag is 100% recyclable. While you could count down the days yourself, we would recommend signing up for one of our subscriptions so that you never have to remember when it’s time to change your bag again.

How does a subscription work?

With a filter bag subscription, you will automatically be shipped a box every 90 days with the products you select. You can choose to receive 1 bag, 2 bags, or 3 bags with every box. While most users will be satisfied with 1 bag every 90 days, you may prefer to receive more if you have multiple Sleep8 users in the house or are addicted to clean like we are!

What are the benefits of subscribing?

As mentioned previously one major benefit is that you will not have to remember when it’s time to change your bag. As soon as you receive your new bag in the mail, you know it is time to change. But that’s not all! When you subscribe, you will also notice that the price per bag is lower than when you buy without a subscription and is even lower depending on how many bags you choose. You can save up to 30% just by making your life easier! You can get started with your subscription here.

Don’t forget to also add Mask M8tes CPAP Wipes to your subscription

When checking out, you will also see the option to subscribe to our Mask M8tes CPAP Wipes. Mask M8tes were designed from the ground up to clean CPAP masks being cleaned with ozone.  You see, many CPAP wipes on the market are really just hand or face wipes that someone has placed a new label on (sad but true).  Normally this isn’t a problem, as those wipes are hand and face safe, made with Coconut or some other plant oil.  The problem comes from using those wipes on a mask that are being cleaned.  Ozone (and even the UV or chemicals that others use) react with oil, and the results over time are not pleasant.

Each pack of Mask M8tes comes with 30 wipes, so you can choose to receive 1 pack, 2 packs, or 3 packs every 90 days depending on how often you use them, up to daily use.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a subscription today. Just click here to get started!

Don’t have a Sleep8 yet? Click here to get started, and you can sign up for a subscription during checkout.

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